E-commerce and Decision technologies: Research Opportunities and Challenges

Prof. Ramayya Krishnan, PhD Carnegie Mellon University

In this talk, I will motivate the important role that decision technologies play in Electronic Commerce. Decision technologies - algorithmic and model-based methods to assist decision making -are a contribution of scholars in the Operations Research and Management Science (OR/MS) communities.
In conjunction with Information technologies, they power many electronic commerce applications. To provide context and to motivate key research themes addressed in this literature, I will draw on my own work and a recent set of special issues on electronic commerce of the Management Science journal that I co-edited.
In particular, I propose to highlight work in a set of diverse e-commerce topics such as shopbot design, evaluation of information revelation policies and incremental bidding mechanisms in e-markets, peer to peer infrastructure design for digital goods and privacy. In each of these illustrative example, I will sketch methodological approaches (e.g., markov decision processes, game theory, mathematical programming, statistical analysis) underlying the decision technologies and discuss opportunities for further work. The objective is to engender further interest in research opportunities at the intersection of computer science and OR/MS.

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